A Roaring Fire Is a Click Away with a Propane Gas Log Set

Posted: March 1, 2017

Propane fireplace

Everyone loves a home hearth – but not everyone loves the effort it takes to get just a few hours of relaxation. What if you could enjoy that same hypnotic fireplace glow with just the click of a remote?

With a propane gas log set, you can.

Today’s realistic, eco-friendly gas log sets deliver:

  • Convenience – Enjoy the benefits of a warm fire without the chopping, splinters, and ash. Just click a button and your fire is up and ready.
  • Beauty – Today’s gorgeous, realistic hand-painted logs are a far cry from yesterday’s models – choose from looks that mimic oak, birch, and more.
  • Safety – With a gas log set, you’ll say goodbye to flying embers and falling logs – not to mention dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney.
  • Savings – Gas logs are much more efficient than burning wood, so your bills will be lower for the same number of heating hours. You’ll also eliminate chimney cleaning, saving even more money.
  • Eco benefits – Clean-burning propane emits less CO2 than wood burning– good for your health, good for the planet.

Say goodbye to sweeping ashes! Contact us today and we’ll give you a FREE estimate on a great propane gas log set for your home hearth!