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Petroleum Products

Turn to Rand Wade for heating oil delivery and diesel delivery to fuel your commercial and agricultural operations

As we have for a half century—and counting—we support commercial and farming operations in the area with our top-quality heating oil. It’s incredibly important to us that our customers— family-owned farms and local businesses—feel supported and know they can trust Rand Wade Oil. It is both our responsibility and our honor to provide the fuels and services you need to heat your buildings, fuel your farm equipment, run your vehicles and more.

We are the Eastern North Carolina oil heat experts, and we encourage you to call us for today’s heating oil price. Once you’ve become a Rand Wade Oil customer, you can count on timely, professional service and convenient heating oil delivery.

Crop drying, poultry house heating and more

From barns, to tobacco farms to poultry houses, heating oil can keep your agricultural operation on track and on budget. Plus, heating oil burns hotter than other fuel sources, as it creates more heat per Btu! This allows for higher efficiency, and ultimately, a more economical experience for you.

We provide heating oil delivery and service to buildings, warehouses and large commercial spaces

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, running a housing facility or heating a warehouse, we know your fuel supply is critically important. We offer competitive pricing on fuel and best-in-class service to ensure that your operation runs smoothly 24/7.

If you’re in need of an upgrade or new system for your space, we’ll ensure that you have the most efficient equipment on the market, and that will suit all of your requirements.

Diesel and gasoline products

Whether you’re fueling on- or off-road vehicles, Rand Wade Oil is here for you. We deliver gasoline, highway and non-highway diesel in Greene County and surrounding counties. We offer low-sulfur, clear on-road diesel fuel. It burns cleanly and helps extend engine life. For your off-road diesel vehicles, you can come to Rand Wade for low-sulfur, dyed off-road diesel fuel. Primarily used on construction sites, for tractors and for other farm equipment, our off-road diesel fuel is dyed red, which distinguishes it from on-road diesel, since on-road is subject to taxes.

If you’re looking for gasoline, you can choose from the following options at Rand Wade Oil: 97 octane (no-lead gasoline), 89 octane (mid-grade gasoline) and 93 octane (super no-lead gasoline).

Contact us today to let us know what petroleum products you need to keep your business, farm or commercial operation moving forward! Not sure what you need? We can help you! Our dependable, knowledgeable team can answer any questions you may have about petroleum products and how Rand Wade Oil can best serve your North Carolina business or farm!