Local, Expert Propane Tank Installations for Your North Carolina Home or Business

Once of the most important factors in deciding what company to choose to supply your propane is the company’s level of experience—not just in making deliveries, but installing tanks as well. Installing a propane tank on your property requires a specific set of skills that only comes with experience. With Rand Wade, you’ll benefit from the knowledge gained from more than 50 years of professional propane tank installations.

Our available propane tank sizes:

  • Portable Options: We offer 20, 30, 40 lb and 100 lb cylinders. These portable propane tank styles are generally used for gas grills, heaters, cooking stoves, RV’s and other uses.
  • 120-gallon propane tank: If you use propane just for water heating or space heating, this smaller tank may be right for you. It may also be able to provide you with enough propane for a range or clothes dryer.
  • 150-gallon propane tank: Do you use propane for one or two low-Btu appliances like water heaters, ranges, space heaters, wall heaters or dryers? This tank may work. But it is not large enough to supply propane for heating your entire home with a furnace or boiler.
  • 250-gallon propane tank: If you use propane for three or more appliances like ranges, water heaters or fireplaces, but don’t use propane for whole-house heating, you may need to go up to this size.
  • 500-gallon propane tank: If you heat your home with propane, you’ll be needing at least this size of a propane tank. You’ll have enough propane for whole-house heating as well as appliances including fireplaces, ranges and water heaters.
  • 800- to 1,000-gallon propane tanks: Do you own a large home or small commercial business heated with propane that also uses several propane appliances as well as high-Btu propane appliances like pool and spa heaters? You may need this larger sized tank!

Residential propane tank installations in Snow Hill and nearby communities in North Carolina!

As propane has continued to grow in popularity as a fuel source for household heat, not to mention its other myriad of uses around the house, our residential tank installation team has encountered all kinds of challenges that come with installing propane tanks for a wide variety of home types and home sites. These challenges help hone the skills of our installation technicians every single day, which has led them to become the residential propane tank experts in Greene County.

Once we have established what size tank is right for you based on your propane use, we will find the ideal location on your property to install your new tank. Our team will run all the necessary gas lines, and test your system for safety and efficiency. You can rest assured that, in addition to their many years of combined field experience, our technicians are up to speed on the latest industry-standard propane installation guidelines to help ensure you enjoy many years of safe, trouble-free propane service.

We offer commercial propane tank installation services too!

With many commercial customers, Rand Wade is a recognized expert for the installation of any size propane tank on your business property. From 40-gallon tanks all the way up to 800-gallon tanks or larger, you can rely on our team to install your propane tank safely and professionally. We’ll make sure that your tank is sited ideally for your business use and conveniently located for quick, convenient deliveries.

Whether you own a restaurant, or a large agricultural operation, Rand Wade understands how important propane is to your business, and you can trust us to install your tank so that it provides many years of safe dependable, service.

Get the new propane tank you need from Rand Wade.

With so many potential uses around the home, and so many applications for businesses, propane has become an extremely popular fuel choice. If your home or business is located in Greene County and or parts of Lenoir, Pitt, Wayne, Edgecombe, Jones, Wilson or Craven Counties, Rand Wade can come to your location, assess your situation, and custom-design a propane tank solution that will meet all of your needs.

We can deliver virtually any size propane tank to your location, and you can depend on our experienced employees to install your tank professionally and promptly. Installation of your tank marks the beginning of your business relationship with Rand Wade Oil, so we want all aspects of your experience with us to be 100% positive.

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