Propane Run-Outs, Costly, Risky, and Unnecessary

Posted: April 24, 2017

Empty gauge

Running out of propane gas in your Greene County-area home can be more than just an inconvenience – it can create safety risks and unexpected costs for you, too.

  • An empty tank is more likely to rust – a problem because rust can mask the rotten-egg smell of propane and make a leak more difficult to detect.
  • If you run out of propane, appliance pilot lights will go out – a problem that can be dangerous if not handled by a professional.
  • If you leave a gas line open when recharging your system, a potentially dangerous propane leak can occur.
  • If you have to shut off your propane system for any reason – including a run-out – you are legally required to hire a qualified technician to perform a leak test, which you pay for.

The bottom line: running out of propane gas is more than inconvenient – it is costly and potentially dangerous for your family.

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You’ll never have to look at a gauge or phone for an appointment again – we’ll simply schedule your refill based on how much propane you’ve used in the past and, if you heat your home with propane, the current weather.

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