Ten Propane Grill Safety Tips

Posted: May 19, 2017

Memorial Day is almost here, which means it’s time to get cooking on your propane grill!! Just remember to do it safely to prevent needless injuries. Follow these simple safety tips and you’ll enjoy a worry-free outdoor grilling season!

  1. Clean your propane grill regularly – leftover grease the #1 cause of grill fires.
  2. Never grill indoors! Not only is it a fire hazard, but it also releases odorless but deadly carbon monoxide into your home.
  3. Keep your grill at least five feet away from the house, trees, or other objects – and keep it on a level surface.
  4. Check all hoses for damage before lighting your propane grill.
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher near your grill, and make sure everyone knows where it is.
  6. Use barbecue utensils with long handles to avoid burns.
  7. Keep your propane grill cover open until you’re sure the grill is lit.
  8. Close both your burner and cylinder valves when you’re finished cooking.
  9. Always store propane cylinders outdoors in their vertical position.
  10. When transporting your tank in your vehicle, put it in a secure, well-ventilated location. Place it upright with the valve off, and take it directly to the refilling location. Don’t leave it in the vehicle unattended!

When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing grills like propane! If you’re ready to upgrade from your charcoal grill, contact us today – we’ll find a portable or built-in model that’s just right for you!