Sign Up Today For A Rand Wade Payment Plan And Get More Predictable Heating Bills In The Year Ahead

Posted: July 25, 2017

It seems like anything can happen in today’s unpredictable world – which is why finding things we can count on is so important.

Take paying your heating bill, for instance. If we get a sudden North Carolina cold snap, your monthly bill could grow significantly from one month to the next, without warning. That’s bound to happen when you pay 80 percent of a year’s worth of heating bills over a four or five moth period.

But there’s a way to avoid that kind of heating bill sticker shock: sign up for a Rand Wade Oil Payment Plan for your heating oil or propane.

With our Payment Plan, we’ll divide your annual heating bill (based on your past use) into equal payments over multiple months– that way, your bill amount will be the same on every invoice (we’ll adjust it – up or down – once a year) no matter how much heating oil or propane you use.

Imagine how much easier it will be to plan your finances if you know how exactly how much you’re going to pay for heat! And best of all, there are no fees for this service.

Make paying for heating oil or propane more predictable and less stressful in 2017-18 – contact Rand Wade today to get started!