Four Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater For Your North Carolina Home

Posted: August 25, 2017

Why pay to re-heat water?

That’s a question that designers answered when they created the tankless water heater – a system that instantly heats as much water as you need, and only the water you need, to power your shower, wash your dishes, and keep your laundry clean.

With a tankless propane water heater, you’ll enjoy:

  • Lower bills – Tankless systems only work when you need hot water, so you’ll save as much as 30 percent on your energy bills compared to conventional tank systems.
  • Unlimited hot water – Say goodbye to cold showers – or having to wait until the laundry is finished to take your hot bath.
  • More space – Since tankless systems don’t store water, they are much more compact (usually about the size of a suitcase). That allows for floor- or wall-mounted installation in crawl spaces, attics, and other tight spots.
  • More value for your home – A tankless water heater will improve your Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score, which adds value to your home if you sell it.

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