Why Worry about Managing Your Home Heating Oil or Propane When You Can Get FREE Automatic Delivery from Rand Wade Oil?

Posted: October 24, 2017

Fuel transport truck

If you’re like most people these days (and we’re guessing you are), your fall and winter can get pretty busy, with school, sports, family obligations and the holidays all competing for space in your mind and on your calendar.

Sometimes it gets so busy, in fact, that a “minor” thing like checking the fuel gauge on your home heating oil or propane tank can slip your mind, and by the time you remember you’re running on fumes and ready for an emergency refill – or worse, you’re out of fuel when you need it most.

Fortunately, there’s an easy – and FREE – fix for that problem: Automatic Delivery from Rand Wade Oil.

With Automatic Delivery we’ll estimate how much fuel you’re using based on the weather and what you’ve used in the past, then schedule your heating oil or propane delivery when you’re down to about a quarter of a tank.

Why is Automatic Delivery free? Because it helps us too: with fewer emergency calls, we can plan our fueling routes more efficiently.

With Automatic Delivery, everybody wins!

Choose Automatic Delivery and you’ll never have to check a tank, call for an appointment, or wait for a delivery again. And you’ll NEVER have to pay for fuel you don’t use.

Don’t risk a run-out – sign up today for FREE Automatic Delivery from Rand Wade Oil!