Four Great Uses for Propane in Your North Carolina Home

Posted: January 30, 2018

Stove propane fire

You may think of propane simply as the fuel in the tank under your outdoor grill – and if you do, you’re missing out on one of the most versatile, powerful, and eco-friendly ways to power your home.

How versatile? You can use propane to:

  • Power just about any appliance – Propane is one of the most efficient fuel options available for most home comfort appliances, including your stove, dryer, emergency generator, pool heater, outdoor living equipment, and much more.
  • Replace your inefficient electric water heater – A high-efficiency tankless propane water heater provides virtually unlimited hot water at a much lower cost per gallon than an electric heater – all from a piece of equipment the size of a suitcase. It also has an average life span that’s nearly twice as long as a conventional water heater – and you’ll make fewer repairs along the way.
  • Add a centerpiece to your living room – An easy-to-install propane cast iron stove or propane fireplace will quickly transform your living room (or your outdoor entertainment space), providing the warm glow of a fire at the flick of a switch with no wood-burning hassles.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint – Propane produces far fewer carbon emissions than electric appliances, since electricity is usually generated with fossil fuels. That means you’ll be doing your part

Want another great propane advantage? You can power all of your appliances from a single, durable tank that we maintain for you.*

What can you use propane for? Contact Rand Wade Oil today and find out!

* Maintenance is included in a Rand Wade Oil propane tank lease. Customer is responsible for propane tank maintenance if they own their tank.