Can I Check for Leaks on My Propane Gas Grill?

Posted: April 30, 2018

Checking propane tank under grill

Spring has sprung here in Snow Hill, which means it’s time to get cooking on your propane grill – just remember to do it safely.

One of the most important safety checks you can make for your propane grill is a leak test for your propane cylinder, regulator and hose. There’s an easy way to do that: we’ll call it the “soapy water test.”

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start by making sure the valve on your propane tank cylinder is closed.
  2. Add dish soap to a bowl of water or a spray bottle.
  3. Apply the soapy water to the entire hose assembly – from the tank all the way to the grill attachment.
  4. Open the propane cylinder valve, but don’t turn on your grill; this pressurizes the hose.
  5. Look for bubbles forming anywhere on the hose assembly. If you find them, or if you smell rotten eggs, you have a leak; shut the cylinder valve immediately. Do not use the cylinder until the leak is fixed, or until the cylinder is replaced.
  6. If you do not detect a leak, rinse off the assembly with clean water and let it dry.

Be sure to check for leaks this way at the beginning of the season, and any time you replace or refill our propane tank.

Grill safe this spring and summer – and remember, when it comes to cooking outdoors, nothing beats propane. Contact us today find the perfect grill for you from top brands like Phoenix and Wilmington!