Six ways to prepare for cooler weather in your NC home

Posted: August 27, 2018

Believe it or not, summer is entering the home stretch for 2018 – which means that it’s just a matter of time before cool days and nights start to arrive here in North Carolina.

That makes the next few weeks the perfect time to prepare for the cooler weather. If you want to take a bite out of your bills and stay more comfortable in the months ahead, here are six key things to consider adding to your to-do list for the late summer/early fall.

    1. Weatherize – Draft-proofing your doors, windows, and other areas that are prone to air leaks will have a big impact on how warm you will feel in your home – and how much you will pay for heating, too. Simple, inexpensive measures like installing door sweeps and caulking exterior windows will go a long way toward cutting down drafts (and bills).
    2. Assess your insulation – Most homes (especially older ones) are under-insulated; that’s a shame, considering you can lose as much as 20 percent of the air you pay to heat through your external walls and attic roof. At minimum, make sure the roof in your attic is insulated to proper R-values, and be sure to address floors that border unconditioned spaces like your basement or crawlspace.
    3. Consider window treatments – Let the sun work for you during the fall and winter: take advantage of the greenhouse effect by installing window treatments that make it easy to expose windowed rooms to sun during the day (just make sure to close those treatments once the sun goes down to retain that heat).
    4. Clear away obstacles to your vents and radiators – Encourage heat to circulate by freeing vents, baseboards, and radiators from curtains, furniture, and other obstacles. Make sure all vents are open in rooms that you use regularly, and consider closing vents in rooms that are underused for the season.
    5. Sign up for automatic propane delivery – Why manage your propane deliveries when we will do it for free? When you sign up for FREE automatic propane delivery from Rand Wade Oil, our computers will estimate a delivery time based on your typical use and the current weather, delivering propane when your tank is about one-quarter full. You’ll never have to think about calling in for a delivery, and you’ll never have to keep an eye on your propane gas gauge again.
    6. Consider sensible heating system upgrades – From propane space heaters to propane hearths and more, today’s propane heating appliances can do it all – warming your home quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy every room in your house (or even outside your house, if you have a propane patio heater!).

Cooler weather is coming – be ready! Contact our experts today to discover the best ways to make your North Carolina home more comfortable and more efficient this fall and winter.