Come Home to a Comfortable, Roaring Fire This Holiday Season!

Posted: November 16, 2018

Cozy fireplace

Nothing says “winter holiday” quite like a fireplace – and if you’ve always wanted a hearth, but never thought it was possible, think again.

Thanks to the clean, green power of propane, you can avoid the time, expense, and inconvenience of masonry construction and the hassles gathering wood, maintaining your chimney, and cleaning up your wood fire messes. With a propane fireplace – expertly installed by the pros at Rand Wade Oil – you just click a button and voila! – Instant roaring fire.

Not only that, buy you will also get some benefits that no wood fireplace can match. Install a propane fireplace this fall and you will:

  • Add a hassle-free centerpiece to your living room – A propane fireplace brings a focal point to your living space, providing an instant roaring fire at the push of a button.
  • Save money by turning down your furnace or boiler – Strip away its beautiful exterior and propane fireplace is really just a powerful, high efficiency space heater. With that kind of heat, you can take your home thermostat down several degrees and reduce the heating load on your home’s main heating system, saving you money and prolonging the life of your heating equipment.
  • Consistent, controllable, grid-free heating – Today’s propane fireplaces are equipped with thermostats to give you precision temperature control – and since they’re not powered by electricity, they can even deliver heat during a power outage.

Propane log sets are a great option, too

If you already have a mantle and want to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of propane heating, why not try a realistic propane gas log set?

Today’s models come in a variety of “woods,” each with a distinct look that can give a lift to any décor. Rand Wade features propane gas log sets from Heatmaster – a leader in today’s market for easy-to-maintain, beautiful to look at propane hearths.

Don’t miss a chance to gather your family around the fire this holiday season – Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane fireplace or propane gas log set for your North Carolina home!