Why Install a Fireplace Insert in Your Home?

Posted: September 20, 2021

Enjoy Hassle-Free, Energy-Efficient Home Comfort—Powered by Propane!

gas fireplace installation north carolinaAs the Fall season quickly approaches, it’s important to make sure your existing fireplace is in proper, working order before it gets too chilly. It is often recommended to have maintenance performed on traditional, wood-burning fireplaces annually, and to have it properly cleaned at minimum once a year. If your family burns more wood than normal, you may even need to clean it more often.

Even though proper maintenance and cleaning can go a long way to keeping your fireplace functioning, that doesn’t mean it is operating efficiently. In fact, most wood-burning fireplaces are highly inefficient. Most of the heat it produces is lost through the chimney or the surrounding materials of the fireplace rather than the room in which it’s lit.

One way to help improve the efficiency of your fireplace? Upgrade to a propane-powered fireplace insert!

What Is a Fireplace Insert?

The easiest way to describe a fireplace insert is to think of it as a box for your fireplace. The insert itself is typically made of either steel or cast iron and forms a structure for the fireplace to sit in. Once the fire is lit, the steel or cast iron absorbs the heat and helps to prevent it from being lost up the chimney. This in turn improves the efficiency of your unit drastically.

Some fireplace inserts also have blowers as an additional feature. Thanks to these devices, the hot hair created can be diverted back into the room through vents. This helps to further prevent the loss of heat while burning your fireplace.

Enjoy Cost Saving Advantages With a Fireplace Insert

Not only do fireplace inserts help to conserve heat during the cold winter months, but they also help homeowners save a substantial amount of money! The following are just a few of the cost saving advantages of a fireplace insert:

  • Cut down on the amount of firewood you need to heat your home
  • Eliminate the need for additional, supplemental heating sources such as electric heaters
  • Warm your home in shorter time

Find the Perfect Fireplace Insert With Rand Wade Oil!

The benefit of having a fireplace insert for your home is obvious but selecting one that works with your current fireplace is tricky. Let our team of experts help you identify the best complementary insert for your current setup!

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