Don’t Bust Your Home Heating Budget This Winter

Posted: October 18, 2021

Split Your Fuel Payments into Even, Monthly Installments

heating payments north carolinaAs home heating fuel prices continue to soar, your oil, gas, or propane bill this winter promises to pack a mightier punch than in recent years prior.

Oil prices have surged to nearly $75 here in the U.S. And much like natural gas, a key reason is that producers saw a steep drop in drilling due to the pandemic. The cost to warm homes with heating oil or propane could surge 40%, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association. Prices are even expected to rise as the winter forges ahead.

This could hurt customers who were already just trying to keep up with their bills. The need for help this winter is expected to heighten for low- to moderate-income families. However, that’s where our budget plan can lend a big assist.

The Convenience of a Budget Plan

Rather than having even more large bills facing you during the holidays and winter months, sign up for Rand Wade’s home heating budget plan, which spreads the cost of your fuel bill over several months. This way, your bills stay level, and there are no large, unexpected costs waiting to pounce on your wallet. We make it simple for you to account for your home heating costs into your monthly household budgeting!

Seize the Day—Sign Up Today!

Statistics show that 80 percent of annual heating oil expenses are incurred from October through April —so it’s not too late to get a jump on this season! Heating budget plans are a good fit for most customers because they provide predictability and control. At Rand Wade, we offer a budget plan to keep your monthly charges manageable.

For more information on our budget plan or anything else, please contact us directly. We will happily work out a payment schedule suited just for you!

At Rand Wade, our proven track record has earned us a reputation for excellence. We provide the ideal combination of expertise and personalized customer service. No matter your home heating or fueling needs… Rand Wade has you covered!