Improve Your Backyard With a Propane Grill

Posted: May 8, 2023

Let Rand Wade Help You Create the Perfect Grilling Setup

gas grills Pitt, nc Warm weather means outdoor entertaining. Or maybe it’s just about getting out of the kitchen! If you’ve been thinking your grilling game is ready for an upgrade, Rand Wade is here to help add some new sizzle to your backyard. Now’s the time to get set up to make all your outdoor gatherings fun and easy. Another great reason to update your backyard with a propane grill? An outdoor kitchen can also increase the value of your home.

Up Your Grilling Game

Whether you’re ready to channel your inner pitmaster, or you’re looking for a healthy way to grill fish and veggies outside, we’ve got the grill for you. We have a great selection of grills to help you make the most of your outdoor living spaces. Our Snow Hill showroom is the place to start planning the grill setup of your dreams.

Browse our selection of deluxe built-in models with multilevel grills, griddle attachments and side burners, rotisseries and more for restaurant-quality results from leading brands including Wilmington Grills.

Need a freestanding model? We can help you there as well, with models that offer all the options of a built-in without the build-out.

Why Propane?

In addition to the precise temperature control that comes with a propane grill, you also enjoy ease and convenience. No waiting for charcoal to heat up; no watching to make sure they stay hot. In just minutes, your grill is ready to go. Food comes out great, with no smoky smell or flavor that can overwhelm foods such as fish or fruit. And cleanup is so easy. No ashes, no worries about smoldering coals. When you’re done, just turn off the grill and the gas supply, do a quick cleaning of the grates and you’re done!

Benefits of a Built-In Grill

When you opt for a built-in propane grill, you can stop worrying about how much fuel is in your cylinder or running out of fuel before you’re done cooking. You also no longer have to remember to pick up a fresh cylinder, whether you refill or exchange—and you don’t have to worry about transporting full tanks of propane in your car.

With a built-in tank, your grill is connected to your main propane supply, so you know you’ll always have plenty. Of course, if you’re on automatic delivery and add a built-in grill, be sure to let us know so we can add that usage when we calculate when you’ll need a delivery.

The Hook Up

Rand Wade services and installs everything we sell, and we stand behind our work so you can feel confident that our trained, experienced propane service technicians will safely and properly connect your new built-in gas grill to your home’s propane supply.

Whether you’re just looking to grill some steaks on the deck or planning the ultimate outdoor kitchen, our team of pros can help you create the perfect propane grilling setup for your outdoor space. Contact us today, or come by the showroom to see all your options.