Are Gas Fireplaces Safe to Use?

Posted: December 11, 2023

Debunking Misinformation About Gas Hearths

fireplace Wayne, nc There’s been a lot of media buzz and concern that gas appliances like fireplaces emit harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide into your home and some people are wondering if a gas fireplace—or even a cooking range—is safe.

Gas Appliance Facts

The fact is that burning anything will produce carbon monoxide and particulate matter. Another concern is about the amount of methane being released from natural gas sources indoors, in cooking stoves as well as gas fireplaces. This is particularly concerning because methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas and makes up a vast majority of natural gas content. However, what the reports don’t mention when they discuss gas appliances is that propane does not contain methane and is not a greenhouse gas!

What’s more, not only do propane fireplaces not produce methane, but depending on the type of propane fireplace you install, any particulate matter or other pollutants are minimal to virtually absent. With direct venting propane fireplaces, a single dual-chambered pipe is installed directly through a wall to the outdoors. The pipe simultaneously draws air for the fire from the outdoors, while it expels the fire’s combustion byproducts to the outside.

Gas Fireplaces Offer Warmth, Style, and Efficiency

When it comes to adding warmth and charm without the mess or hassle of logs and embers, many people are discovering the ease and style of a propane fireplace. One thing that always surprises people is the realistic look and actual warmth of a gas fireplace. This is no plastic log over a lightbulb.

From a design perspective, a propane fireplace can add drama or more traditional charm, with a wide range of options to choose from. Propane fireplaces are available in a range of styles to work with any décor, from traditional to contemporary. We carry a wide selection of sizes and styles, from traditional stone and brick looks to contemporary glass boxes, and log sets in a range of configurations and “wood” species, as well as striking glass stones.

But a propane fireplace is not just a decorative accent. A propane fireplace is an effective and efficient source of supplemental heat, especially those times when you don’t want or need to run your main heating system. Propane generates more Btus than an equivalent amount of electricity, so you need much less propane to produce the same amount of heat or energy. (And that’s true for space heating as well as whole-house heating.)

An Affordable Fireplace Upgrade

Whether you’re looking to make upgrades for yourself or to add value for a potential sale, adding a propane fueled fireplace or stove is an easy and affordable option. And, installation takes just a day! Meanwhile, adding a traditional fireplace and chimney can cost many thousands of dollars and take weeks—whether you’re building from scratch or retrofitting an existing home with a masonry chimney and hearth.

To learn more about our great selection of propane fireplace and hearth products from all the leading manufacturers, come by our Snow Hill showroom or contact us today!