Is Propane Good For Off Grid Living?

Posted: September 19, 2022

Propane Can Power Your Residence—No Matter Where You’re Located! If you were to mention off-grid living, most people think of “roughing it outdoors.” But today, an off-grid lifestyle can include every convenience of modern living, thanks to the versatility and efficiency of propane gas. If you’ve relied on a whole-house generator to get through extended […]

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Reliable Commercial Fuel Services

Posted: August 15, 2022

The One-Stop-Shop for Fueling, Filling Stations, Propane Tanks, and More! If you own a commercial business here in North Carolina, your customers count on you to get the job done day in and day out. And YOU can count on Rand Wade for all the commercial fuels you need! When it comes to providing the […]

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Worried About Winter Heating Costs This Year?

Posted: July 18, 2022

Our Budget-Friendly Payment Program Can Help! With fuel prices continuing to inch up across the board, it’s hard not to think about how to manage winter heating costs, even in the middle of summer. We know paying those bigger heating bills is a worry for many folks. That’s why lots of Rand Wade customers are […]

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Are You Thinking of Replacing Your Water Heater?

Posted: June 20, 2022

Consider Your Options: You Can Choose a Tank or Tankless Model If your traditional tank-style water heater is inching closer to the decade mark of usage, you should probably begin thinking about its replacement. Signs that it’s time to update your water heater may include higher energy bills and water that just isn’t getting quite […]

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Choosing a Full-Service Propane Provider

Posted: May 16, 2022

5 Reasons Why Rand Wade Oil is the Smartest Choice When you’re shopping around for a propane provider, there’s a lot to consider. National chains have slick advertising, but the headquarters are often several states away—as is the person answering the phone. The discount dealers have rock-bottom prices, but don’t offer much else. Rand Wade […]

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Understanding Oil Market Price Changes

Posted: April 18, 2022

What’s with the Recent Spike Fuel Prices? Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from several folks with concerns about the surge in fuel prices. To put things into perspective, prices were already up more than a dollar this past winter season from the previous year because of issues related to the pandemic. Now, the […]

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How Safe is Propane Gas for Home Heating?

Posted: March 21, 2022

Propane Is Safe & Reliable, but Here Are the Safety Facts You Should Know When stories about gas leaks make the evening news, it can make it sound like propane gas is dangerous as well—after all, all gas is the same, right? Well, not exactly. While propane is still a highly flammable gas under certain […]

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How To Use Space Heaters Safely

Posted: February 21, 2022

Keep Safe… While Keeping Comfy and Warm! When temperatures dip for extended periods, sometimes you need a little extra help keeping warm. Maybe an addition or sunroom in your home isn’t heated well by your main heating system. Maybe your home is older and drafty or not well-insulated. Or maybe you’re spending time working in […]

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What Size Propane Tank Does Your Home Need?

Posted: January 24, 2022

Our Handy Guide Can Help You Decide! Propane tanks can last a while—decades, even—so if you’ve never had to get a new one, you may not know where to start. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you need propane for your business or other commercial use, the pros at Rand Wade Oil can help. Tank […]

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Propane vs. Natural Gas: What’s the Difference?

Posted: December 20, 2021

The Answers Might Surprise You! If you have the option to choose between propane and connecting to natural gas, you might not think it makes much of a difference. So long as you can enjoy the convenience of gas-fired appliances like a furnace, water heater, or range, gas is gas, right? Not exactly. For starters, […]

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