The Importance Of Correctly Sizing Your Propane Tank

Posted: July 7, 2017

When it comes to propane appliances, efficiency is really about finding the right-sized tool for the task – choose equipment that’s too large or too small for the job you’re asking it to do and it will cost you energy – and money – needlessly.

Right-sizing applies to propane tanks, too: buy a tank that’s too large and your fuel bill will be higher than it should be; buy one that’s too small and you could be paying more for delivery calls – or your could run out of propane, which can be a costly or even dangerous problem.

If you’ve recently made changes that could affect how much propane you use at home –for example, if you’ve added a room, expanded a space, or installed a new propane feature such as a pool heater or outdoor kitchen – it could be time to replace your propane tank.

If you’re wondering whether your tank is correctly sized for your home’s energy load, contact Rand Wade today – we’ll evaluate your usage and the number of propane deliveries you receive so we can make suggestions. If replacing your propane tank makes sense and fits your budget, we can do it quickly, safely, and in accordance with all regulatory requirements – with minimal disruption to you and your family.

Contact Rand Wade today to learn more about expert installation of one of today’s leak-free propane tanks – available in a range of sizes, with above- and under-ground options available!