More is better: The benefits of adding propane appliances

Posted: June 28, 2018

If you use it to heat your home, you already know how efficient, effective, and clean-burning propane is.

The question is why aren’t you using it elsewhere in your home?

We see it all the time with our customers when we arrive for a propane appliance installation: someone will have a high efficiency propane furnace but an electric water heater, not realizing that if they switch to a propane water heater they will get better performance in just about every way.

Why does it happen? Sometimes a contractor will steer a customer toward an equipment option that is most convenient, easy, and inexpensive for him to sell and install. Other times it’s just habit – you had an electric appliance before and you simply replace it.

Propane appliances could add

With a little planning and investment, you could add any or all of these propane-powered appliances to your North Carolina home:

  • A propane whole house generator
  • A propane fireplace or log set
  • A built-in outdoor propane grill
  • An outdoor propane fire pit
  • A indoor propane cooking range
  • A propane clothes dryer
  • A propane space heater
  • Propane lighting
  • A propane spa or pool heater

In fact, just about any electrical home comfort appliance has a propane-powered equivalent – one that usually operates more efficiently and performs better than its electric counterpart. And best of all, all these appliances can be linked to a single above-ground propane tank for convenient filling.

The bottom line: Every propane appliance you add to your home helps you get more comfort for less money – and who doesn’t want that?

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